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Ken Banks is the founder of and devotes himself to the application of mobile technology for positive social and environmental change in the developing world. He has worked at the intersection of technology, anthropology, conservation and development for the past twenty years and, during that time, has lived and worked across the African continent. He is a PopTech Fellow, a Tech Awards Laureate, an Ashoka Fellow and a National Geographic Emerging Explorer, and has been internationally recognised for his technology-based work. His latest book is Social Entrepreneurship and Innovation: International Case Studies and Practice.



_Florence Scialom_

Florence Scialom has a background in communications, community building and research. Florence currently works at the Network of Wellbeing (NOW), managing communications, and has previously worked at other non-profit organisations, such as FrontlineSMS and the Humanitarian Centre. She holds a BA in International Relations and Development Studies (University of Sussex, UK), and an MA in Anthropology and Development (Leiden University, the Netherlands). Florence conducted her Masters research on the topic of de-growth and economic change, with a focus on the Transition movement. You can read her research online via the Transition Research Network. Florence is currently based in Rotterdam, in the Netherlands.



IMG_5262TGThomas H. Greco, Jr., is an independent scholar, community economist, educator, and author specializing in innovative approaches to exchange, finance, and economic development. His broad knowledge of monetary and financial history has enabled him to understand the patterns of political and economic power that are dominant in today’s world. His websites, Beyond Money, and Reinventing Money, offer a wealth of information on the interplay of money, finance, politics, and economics, and his latest book, The End of Money and the Future of Civilization, provides detailed explanations and prescriptions for communities, businesses, and governments.



DSC06046Sally Brammall is a journalist, writer and researcher, now project director at Means of Exchange. She has published articles in the Big Issue and the Guardian (focusing on social enterprise and voluntary sector topics), amongst others. She holds a MA in Political Reporting & Campaigning, and is interested in the way that the arts, enterprise and new technologies  can be applied to create alternative economies, build communities and face up to societal problems. She is non-executive director of adult learning social enterprise GAP Learning CIC.



Katherine NoallKatherine Noall is both knowledgeable and active within the bitcoin, crypto currency and Blockchain space. As a change leader, her focus is on the ability of decentralised, distributed and P2P technologies to empower people, enabling autonomous and sustainable communities and more privacy. She lectures in digital currencies and distributed systems. Currently completing a PhD she is exploring the link between the systems used by Bitcoin and other crypto companies and their international growth. Katherine has a background in international management for technology companies, and particular expertise in scaling and internationalising projects and organisation.



rich_400x400Richard Dent is a PhD researcher at University of Cambridge’s Sociology department, a research affiliate at Computer Science department’s Networking For Development Lab and a network member of the Centre of Science & Policy. Professionally, he works on humanitarian social networks, refugee integration through big data analysis, open policy platforms and sharing economy platforms. He is passionate about using social science to develop social networking applications to help people living in poverty. He strongly believes that increasing social trust online and expanding digital literacy can generate critical social capital and better individual social support in disadvantaged communities.



Tim T ProfileTim Taylor is managing director of Korimako – a social enterprise catalysing change towards more sustainable, equitable and resilient societies.  Tim provides independent advice and assistance for developing and delivering projects with sustainable outcomes.  He specialises in delivering change at scale across districts, cities and regions – including sustainable economy initiatives.




profileFlavio Ishii is currently living and working as a web developer out of Sunshine Coast, BC Canada. Born in Brazil, Flavio has worked in many places across Canada, since 2005 working as a web developer and consultant for crown corporations, web agencies, non-profits and tech startups. He is experienced in web application development (Ruby on Rails, PHP, Meteor JS, WordPress), google analytics and SEO. He is passionate about using web technology to solve problems related to: sharing economies, food security, intentional communities, and civic engagement.