About MoE Labs

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Means of Exchange Labs is a collective of alternative economy practitioners, thought leaders and researchers, who apply their combined skills on radical projects that address the changing shape of our economy.

We ask and explore questions such as:

  • How could collaborative economy models help to develop the capacity of the voluntary sector?
  • How can we help the next generation to prioritise management of personal finances – particularly to navigate their way within a changing economy?
  • What opportunities does fintech present for humanitarian aid and development?

The 2008 financial crisis has led to widespread calls for a systemic overhaul of the existing banking system, and a growing interest in alternatives at the community level. Labs builds upon this enthusiasm; through the combined reach of our network, we help to research, devise and overcome issues around the implementation of these alternative approaches in new sectors. We connect with people who have firsthand, practical experience and have worked in challenging contexts around the world.

Means-of-Exchange-X-Man2Means of Exchange (MoE) was founded in 2012, when the harsh impact of the financial crisis was starting to bite across Europe, as a movement to make ideas around alternative models of exchange more accessible to people with little or no relevant experience.