MoE Labs is headed to Ouishare 2016

We’rimgpsh_fullsizee thrilled to announce that MoE Labs is hosting an installation at the upcoming Ouishare fest (May 18-21), a conference in Paris that brings together a global community of people interested in the growing collaborative economy.

Labs will be bringing a set of variations on Laurence Humier’s ‘Smart Money Maker’ card game (pictured left), and inviting the conference delegates to play a round and give us their feedback on the different versions.

We supported Laurence Humier’s Kickstarter for a Smart Money Maker game in late 2015 – and liked the idea so much that we decided to pitch it to the Ouishare team. 

Through playing the game, and learning the rules, ‘Smart Money Maker’ is designed to get people discussing alternative economy ideas and their impact. We’ll be playing the game as much as possible (and with many different groups) ahead of the event, and all feedback will help us shape future iterations of the game. We’ll be keeping you posted…